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Title Honolulu, City of
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  • Title - Honolulu, City of
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    Subject - Fort street from King, looking mauka; Original Photo By - Henry L. Chase, Dated about 1865; When copied - 1947; Data - Ichabod Bartlett's Family Grocery and Feed store is shown at the left. This store is located on the main floor of the Odd Fellow's Building, which was erected in 1860. The Lodge used the upper floor. The corner stone of this building was laid with appropriate ceremonies April 29, 1859. About the middle of the year 1860 the building was completed. The Odd Fellows continued to meet at this hall from 1860 to 1902, a period of 42 years. In the later part of 1901 the Lodge received notice from the Territorial Government of its intention to widen Fort street. Albion F. Clark was authorized by the Lodge to sell the land needed by the government. It was considered impractical to build another front on the building. The Government paid the Lodge $5516. for the land it took for street widening. The Lodge then demolished the building, purchased a small piece of land from the James Campbell estate, and put up a new building, which was dedicated August 1, 1904. The property was eventually sold, July, 1924, for $150,000. Now (1952) occupied by the Liberty House. I. Bartlett's store advertised a long list of groceries and feed. On December 1, 1870 Mr. Bartlett sold out his interests in the store to Judd & Layton. Bartlett appears to have gone to California, for he died in Oakland February 27, 1874. J. O'Neill's Tavern was located at the Corner of Fort and King streets, the edge of the building shows at the extreme left of the picture. McIntyre's grocery was located on the right corner of King Street. Steeple of the Fort street church is shown in the distance.
  • Photo Credit - original - Chase, Henry L. (1831-1901); copy - Baker, Ray Jerome (1880-1972)
  • Gift Of - Baker, Ray Jerome (1880-1972)
  • Received Date - 1952
  • Negative Number - HC 18,872
  • Display Date - circa 1865
  • Start Date - 01/01/1865
  • End Date - 12/31/1865
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    Description: On left is Ichabod Bartlett's Family Grocery & Feed Store which was located on the ground floor of the Odd Fellow's Bldg. Steeple of Fort Street Church in background. Copied by Ray Jerome Baker in 1947. Keywords: Honolulu Title: Fort St. from King St., Honolulu. Date: ca. 1865 Photographer: Chase, H.L. , 1831-1901.
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End date 1865-12-31
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