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Title 1843: Jun 15, 18, 20, 24 - 27
Reference 402-9-209
  • Box - 402-9
  • Folder - 209
  • Title - 1843: Jun 15, 18, 20, 24 - 27
  • Description - Jun 15: H. Sea to Kekuanaoa ordering to grant no license for victualing houses until instructed; Jun 15: Earl of Aberdeen to Haalilio & Richards informing that they have not received report from Admiral commanding naval forces in the Pacific about seizure of the islands; Jun 18: Kamehameha III to G.P. Judd giving information about conversation between himself and Lord Geo. Paulet concerning government; Jun 20: H. Sea to Kekuanaoa ordering to release soldier of standing army; Jun 20: H. Sea to Gov. Young requesting that charges for passage of constable and prisoner be no more than $2. each instead of $5; Jun 20: Memo by Dr. Judd relating what transpired pertaining to the payment of soldiers and police; Jun 24: Dr. Judd's protest on behalf of Sandwich Island government for acts of British government which may encroach the rights of foreigners. Also 2 printed copies of protest; Jun 25: Communications of H.S. Fox to A.P. Upshur, Sec'y of State pertaining to occupation of Sandwich Island was unauthorized, will acknowledge independence and hope to have some influence as other powers; Jun 26: Kekuanaoa to Jonah Kapena informing of Paalua embezzling the amount of $700 all within 3 months; Jun 27: H. Sea to Kekuanaoa referring to letter of June 15 re: licenses for victualing houses; Jun 27: H. Sea to Kekuanaoa requesting that no license to Wm. Jarrett for hotel be granted.
  • Start Date - 06/15/1843
  • End Date - 06/27/1843
  • Languages - English, Hawaiian
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Start Date 1843-06-15
End date 1843-06-27
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