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Title 1843: Jul 21, 26
Reference 402-9-212
  • Box - 402-9
  • Folder - 212
  • Title - 1843: Jul 21, 26
  • Description - Jul 21: Memorandum of articles sold for the Benefit of Creditors of John Mamaki, a Bankrupt, signed to I. Mellish, Auctioneer; Jul 21: H. Sea to G.P. Judd requesting to forward without delay an account of debts due by the government and also account of the manner in which taxes collected in goods are disposed of; Jul 21: H. Sea to G.P. Judd inquiring why 4 bags of sugar seized have not been delivered to Tyhoon; Jul 21: H. Sea to Kekuanaoa directing that the fine imposed upon Ayang the china man be remitted; Jul 21: H. Sea to Kamehameha III acknowledging receipt of letter and a printed enclosure; Jul 26: Adm. Richard Thomas to Kekuanaoa requesting for a personal interview with Kamehameha III regarding the provisional cession of the king's dominion; Jul 26: Kekuanaoa to Richard Thomas stating the king is pleased to receive his letter and that he will receive him at 11 am July 27, 1843 (Hawaiian).
  • Start Date - 07/21/1843
  • End Date - 07/26/1843
  • Languages - English, Hawaiian
ID ark:70111/2nLS
Level Record
Parent ID ark:70111/3dd2
Start Date 1843-07-21
End date 1843-07-26
Digitized true
Closure Type Open
Open true
Closure Status Open document, open description