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Title 1843: Jul 27 - 30
Reference 402-9-213
  • Box - 402-9
  • Folder - 213
  • Title - 1843: Jul 27 - 30
  • Description - Jul 27: Wm. Hooper to Kekuanaoa requesting that inquiry be made on the nature of charges against the US citizens confined in the fort by order of H. Sea, a British officer; Jul 28: Copy of extract from Lord Cowley, dispatch to the Earl of Aberdeen re: France, Great Britain and US formally recognizing independence of Sandwich Islands; Jul 29: Peirce & Brewer to Kamehameha III presenting flag and offering congratulations on restoration of rights; Jul 29: Wm. Richards to G.P. Judd, extract giving details of different affairs from Mr. Fox's letter in Sandwich Islands; Jul 29: J. Dudoit, French Consul to Kamehameha III re: his complaints on treatment by the British commission of him and other French subject; Jul 30: Adm. Thomas to Judd - arrangements on his visit with the king and the dinner in the evening aboard his ship.
  • Start Date - 07/27/1843
  • End Date - 07/30/1843
  • Languages - English, French
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Start Date 1843-07-27
End date 1843-07-30
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